Welcome to West Indies Spice Traders Ltd – Importers & Distributors of a fine range of exotic products from the Island of Jamaica. Our brands include world famous names such as Pickapeppa, Walkerswood, Busha Browne and Jamaica Joe . If you like it hot & spicy you’ll love our products!

Our products include authentic Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, a wet marinade widely used in the Caribbean to make ‘Jerk’ style BBQ fare, and a wide range of mouth-watering sauces and seasonings. Now you too can create Caribbean dishes using our delicious sauces as a direct condiment, flavouring, marinade or glaze.

Caribbean food….think spices, full flavour, great cocktails, reggae music….party time!

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Island food is sunshine food, rub up the flavours man!

Dave Phillips

West Indies Spice Traders Ltd