Pickapeppa Sauce Original – 140ml

Pickapeppa Sauce Original – 140ml

The classic Jamaican Sauce!

Pickapeppa Sauce’s sweet, mellow flavour of cane vinegar makes it a perfect complement to almost any dish from appetizer to entrée to dessert.




Cane Vinegar



The "Big Easy"

1 bottle Pickapeppa Sauce

1 80z block of cream cheese

Crackers of your choice


Plsce the block of cream cheese on a c=serving dish. Pour over the Pickapeppa Sauce. Enjoy as a spread over crackers.


As an alternative, mix the cream cheese and sauce in a blender and use as a dip with vegetables. Also good with low-fat cream cheese as a healthier option.

Since trying this sauce a couple years ago I have fallen in love with it. So many flavours combined... the sweetness of the sugar and raisins, the tangy tamarind, mango, and onion, the little bit of heat from peppers... all combine for a versatile and delicious sauce. Use it alone as a condiment or steak sauce, or try blending it with other sauces. I love adding a couple tablespoons of Pickapeppa Sauce to a small jar of chunky salsa for chicken tacos, adding it ground beef before making meat loaf, or even adding it to overly sweet spaghetti sauce to mellow it out and add extra layers of flavour. Put simply, Pickapeppa is a must for my kitchen and I heartily recommend it !


Jim Lonsdale






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