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Hot Mango Chicken Wraps

Add a little heat to a family favourite, and spice things up at the dinner table.

Quick to make, and versatile too – add in your own selection of vegetables for variety.This is the perfect recipe for those busy days when everyone’s hungry, and you need dinner to be ready now!


500g chicken breast skinned and boned, thinly sliced

1 medium onion chopped

1 clove of garlic chopped

1 tomato chopped

4 stalks of Pak Choy thinly sliced

6 tbs of Pickapeppa Hot Mango Sauce

¼ tsp hot pepper finely chopped • salt & pepper to taste

6 wholewheat wraps or tortillas


Cook the onion in a frying pan with a little oil until transparent. Add the garlic and fresh hot pepper (optional). Fry for around 2 minutes. Add chicken and fry on a high heat for a further 3 minutes, or until cooked through. Add pak choy and tomato, fry for a further minute. Add Pickapeppa Hot Mango Sauce, salt and black pepper. Stir well and cook for two minutes. Spoon mixture into wraps and serve.

Serves 6.

Order your sauce to make this dish here:

Pickapeppa Hot Mango Sauce 


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