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Busha’s Stuffed Snapper

What better way to round off a successful day’s fishing than with some delicious baked snapper…Jamaican style! Easy to prepare, this dish is the perfect taste of summer. And while it’s gently baking, you can grab a cold beer, kick back and reminisce about ‘the one that got away!


Ingredients: 1kg fresh whole snapper

30 ml lime or lemon juice

salt & pepper to taste

15 ml butter for basting



½ small onion finely chopped

1 small tomato, chopped

15 ml melted butter or best quality oil

5 ml Busha Browne’s Original Spicy Planters Sauce

5 ml Busha Browne’s Spicy & Hot Pepper Sherry Sauce

125 ml concentrated chicken or fish stock

125 ml dried breadcrumbs


Wash scaled fish after trimming fins. Squeeze lime juice over and inside fish, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place in covered dish in refrigerator and prepare stuffing. Sauté onion and tomato in melted butter or oil until soft, then add the Planters Sauce, the Pepper Sherry and the stock. Stir until heated through. Add breadcrumbs and continue cooking at a low temperature until mixture holds together. Stuff mixture into body cavity of fish, closing the opening with toothpicks around which string is wound. Put a small pat of butter on top and bake in 180°C/ 350°F until cooked. Be careful not to overcook. Serve on heated platter and garnish with slices of lime or lemon and parsley sprigs.

Serves 4. 

Buy your sauces to make this delicious fish dish here:

Busha Browne’s Original Spicy Planters Sauce 


Busha Browne’s Pepper Sherry Sauce 


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